China Speed
Leadership Expedition
Immerse yourself in China's high speed, high growth mentality
Shanghai + Hangzhou
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What To Expect?
Meet the leadership of China's most innovative companies
Establish relationships with your peers and business leaders from China
Learn How to Succeed in
China as a Foreigner
Understand the unique mindset and acquire necessary tools to become China-ready as a business leader
Experience the ongoing evolution of Chinese 5,000 year-old culture, society and cuisine
Key Themes

What is the role of government in enabling economic growth? How to understand China's state philosophy towards its society, economy and entrepreneurship? How can entrepreneurs work effectively with the government?


What are the fundamental drivers behind China's technological growth? What are the enablers and what are the barriers? What is unique about its model of innovation?


Why so many major business players like Alibaba, Tencent and others aspire to become ecosystems? What is their unique value proposition and how such a set up may enable growth? What are the risks?


Why partnerships are so essential to working in and with China? What do you need to know and do in order to succeed in building successful relationships based on this principle? What are the winning recipes for negotiation with the local partners?

Information Technology
E-Commerce & Retail
Artificial Intelligence
Heavy Industry & Manufacturing
Financial Management
Invited Companies
China's e-commerce and
cloud computing market
Incubating China's top AI, IoT, and AR/VR startups
Diversified transportation
market leader with $15
billion revenue
Blockchain finance
leader with $7 billion
SME financing in 2018
Asia's leading consumer products distributor with $18 billion revenue
The largest German
industrial incubator
China's leader in social
media, gaming, and
digital economy
Leading innovator in IoT
and AI technologies
China's yachting leader
with 20% market share
and 6 yacht clubs
Shanghai's leading
digital technology park
with 3,000 companies
Shanghai's #1
Technology &
Engineering University
Leading construction
equipment OEM with $5
billion revenue
Gordon Redding
Academic Advisor and Lecturer
▪ An expert on China who also works on the comparison of different systems of capitalism, and on the role of education in societal development

▪ He has published 15 books and 100 articles related to these subjects

▪ Ex-Director of the Euro-Asia Centre of INSEAD in France, for seven years
Rose Luo Xiaowei
Academic Advisor and Host
▪ Academic Director of the top-ranked Tsinghua-INSEAD dual-degree EMBA program, and has served as Academic Director for open enrollment and customer-specific programs at INSEAD including Expanding Business in China

▪ During her appointment as Visiting Professor at CKGSB in 2014, one of the leading business schools in China, she served as Academic Director of its most prestigious Doctor of Business Administration program attended by top Chinese private entrepreneurs

▪ Holds a Ph.D. in sociology with a focus on organizational studies from Stanford University

▪ A native of China, Professor Luo received her B.A. in Linguistics and English and American Literature and studied in the graduate program in World Economy at Fudan University, Shanghai

Sergey Sirotenko
Program Director
▪ Leadership Development Advisor and Executive Coach at INSEAD and Ward Howell, formerly Leadership Development Director at Yale

▪ MA in Global Affairs from Yale University focusing on Political Economy of China

▪ Founding Member of 2018 Goldsmith Thompson Leadership Accelerator in Silicon Valley

▪ World Economic Forum, Founding Member of Global Shapers Community and ex-Member of Global Agenda Council

Erik Walenza
CEO of Lead Researcher IoT ONE and Host
▪ Vice-Сhair of the AmCham Technology & Innovation Committee

▪ Director of Startup Grind (Shanghai)

▪ MBA and MA International Affairs from George Washington University

Michael Maeder
Managing Partner of
Ward Howell China and Host
▪ Member of the Board of the German Chamber of Commerce

▪ Advisory Board Director, repeatemobile Asia

▪ M.Sc. International Management, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Zheng Han
Seminar Director
▪ Professor of Innovation, Tongji University

▪ Prior experience at McKinsey & Company, Daimler, and Haniel

Research focus on operation of multinational
businesses in China

Ph.D. Innovation Management, University of St. Gallen (Switzerland)
Speakers & Guests
James Chou
CEO, Microsoft for Startups
James is the focal point for Microsoft's
partnerships with Chinese startups

Richard Wang
Partner, DFJ Dragon Fund
Richard has 18 years of experience
building and investing in tech companies

Alvin Wang
CEO, ZValley (Zoomlion IoT)
Alvin is building one of China's most
ambitious industrial IoT companies

Toni Cheng
GM, CaoHeJing Tech Park
Toni runs Alibaba Cloud's operations in Central and Eastern Europe
Lai Haofeng
GM, Alibaba Cloud Europe
Haofeng runs 19 incubators at one of China's top 3 technology parks
Kapil Kane
Innovation Director, Intel
Kapil operates Intel's internal new incubator for radical innovation
Alvin Ho
Senior VP, Dianrong
Alvin operates the world's largest blockchain financing business
Alexander Gabuev
Senior Fellow and Chair, Russia in The Asia-Pacific Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center
Next Steps
Sergey Sirotenko

Program Director
+7 903 744 20 14

Please contact Sergey Sirotenko, if you are interested to discuss China related opportunities or conduct a similar reference visit for your company (online due to the travel restrictions)